Getting Started with Market Insights

Market Insights allows you to identify opportunities nationwide and build pipelines. In this article, we'll give you step-by-step directions regarding how to search for specific companies, branches, and originators.

What's in this article?


  1.  Search & Suggestions 
  2. Applying filters to search results
  3. Saving Searches
  4. Updating Saved Searches
  5. Searching by State
  6. Searching by County
  7. Searching for Companies
  8. Searching for Individuals (Name, NMLS ID)
  9. Adding Contacts to a Pipeline (Requisition)
  10.  Email Notifications



Search & Suggestions

Great! Now that you have the new Search turned on, you'll notice that we've moved a few things around. 

The "Find" and "Near" search bars have been consolidated into a single search bar.


You'll also notice that you are now able to toggle between searching for IndividualsBranches, and Companies from a single dropdown making switching back and forth a breeze. You'll also find options for State & County Search in this list.


When you click inside the Search field, you'll notice that we will present you with a Suggestion dropdown. 


  1. Search Current Location: Search around the area where you are located. This does require you to allow Location Services in your web browser.
  2. Search Current Map Area: Search around the location that you are viewing on the map.
  3. All Filters: Quickly access the Filter Menu.
  4. Recent Searches: View a list of your most recent searches.


Once you start typing into the Search bar we will begin to show you suggestions to help guide you in your search.

As an example, you can now type a statement like "Branch Managers in San Clemente" to view all branch managers in that area.


You can also type in Company NamesNMLS IDsNamesCities, and States


To access Filters, you can click on the "Add Filter" button to view a menu of all available filters you can apply to your search results. 



Let's run a search and see how we can start applying filters to our results. 

Applying Filters to search results

You'll find we've added a number of new filters that you can apply to your search results to dive deeper into analytics.

In this section, we will search for individuals in a City and stack multiple filters to the results to narrow down a list. 

1. In the Search bar lets type in a city and state like "San Clemente, CA


2. In the suggestion dropdown click "San Clemente, California" in the "Locations" section to run the search and display the matching results. Let's now click "Add Filter" to stack additional filters on top of our location filter.


3. Click on the name of the filter to view additional parameters that you can set. In this example, we want to apply a "Volume" range to our results. 


You can enter a custom range like "10 - 80" or "10m - 80m" or use the slider below to set your volume range and click "Apply". 


You'll see the filter applied to the top of the results page. You can also make additional changes to the filter by clicking on it. 


To add additional filters, simply repeat these steps and add any amount of different filters to your search results.

Additionally, you can drag filters in the filter list in an order that makes the most sense to you and filters you find yourself using often.



Saving Searches

Yes! You can now save your searches in Market Insights! Saving your searches will allow you to quickly apply filters and view results in areas that you find yourself searching in often. 

1. With filters applied to your results, click "Save Search".

2. Name your search. For instance, we may name this search "San Clemente - 10m to 120m". Click "Save" to save your search.


You can access saved searches by clicking the "Add Filter" button and clicking "Saved Searches".


Clicking on a Saved Search will populate the filters and display the results. 

Updating Saved Searches

We understand that there may be times when you need to make changes to your saved searches. When viewing a Saved Search and changes are made, you can save your changes and update the search.

1. Open a Saved Search in Market Insights


2. Let's make a change to this search by adding a new filter. Once the change has been added, click "Save Search". Additionally, you can save your changes as a new search. You'll want to make sure to change the name of the search if saving it as a new search.


Searching by State

You are now able to search for individuals, branches, and companies by State using a list of States or by typing in a State in the Search bar. 

Select States

1. Click the "Searching for" button at the top of Market Insights and select "Select States"


2. You'll notice States are now outlined on the Map. Clicking on a State on the map will select that state and highlight it in blue. Additionally, you are able to select a State in the list to select that State. You are able to select a single state or multiple states. 



Search States in the Search Bar

You are now able to search for States by typing in the name of the State in the search bar. Simply type in the name of the State in the search by and click the suggestion for "Locations by State".



Searching by County

You are now able to search for individuals, branches, and companies by County using a list of Counties or by typing in a County name in the Search bar.

1.  Click the "Searching for" button at the top of Market Insights and select "Select Counties"

2. Select the name of the County or Counties that you're searching in. 

Search States in the Search Bar

You can also type in a county name in the Search bar. We recommend expanding the distance filter when a county is selected in this way to ensure that you're covering the entire distance of the county. This is an experimental feature.

Searching for Companies

It's easier than ever to search for Companies in Market Insights. You can now type in a company name in the Search bar, no matter the Search selection and jump directly to the Company Profile. 

1. Start typing a Company Name in the Search bar and click the Company Name in the "Companies" section of the Suggestion dropdown.


Searching for Individuals

We've made improvements to searching by both NMLS ID and Name. 

1. Entering a number into the Search bar will display suggestions matching originators to the ID you've entered.


2. Additionally, you can enter a first name, last name, or a combination of both. 


Selecting a stage when adding to a pipeline

You can now add contacts to any stage in your pipeline when importing from Market Insights. By default, contacts will be added to the Prospect stage. To select another stage, click the dropdown menu on the Add to Pipeline pop-up and select another stage. 



How do I set up email notifications? 

Model Match will notify you by email when your imports are completed or when contacts are imported to the Requisitions you're assigned to. You can update these settings in Market Insights. Email notifications are sent to your email address (username). 

1. Open Market Insights

2. Let's click on "Settings" on the Search panel. 

3. Use the toggles to select which email notifications you'd like to receive.