What’s New

Global Filters Modification
Making a change to the Global Filters (Req, Team, Date Range) will remove all filters on individual widgets on the dashboard and apply the Global Filter Change

Users are now able to enrich their contact records to find additional or updated contact information! The Enrich option is available to all users to update or locate phone numbers, email addresses (work and personal), Title, Company, Addresses and Social Media links.

Text Message Reporting
As we continue work on the beta release of our Text Messaging feature, users are now able to report against Text Messaging Activity such as
1. Number of Text Messages received
2. Number of Text Messages sent
3. Number of Conversations Started via text message

Text Message Quick SMS
You can now send a text message to a contact without ever leaving the contact record. Simply click a phone number and select "Quick SMS". You'll have conversation history and full message functionality right on the record.

Bug Fixes & Various Improvements

Main Contact Tags
In some scenarios tags that were added to main contact records were not displaying in the Main Contact Table until another tag was added to the record - this has been fixed and tags will show as expected.

Requisition Switcher
Users are now able to switch between Requisitions when viewing a contact that may exist in multiple requisitions without any additional searching or filtering. Users can click the Requisition card under the Requisitions tab, select the Requisition they want to view and transport to that record seamlessly.