1) Navigate to the (+) on the left side of your screen 





2) Select "Create Contact" icon from the list of available quick actions.













3) On the next screen you'll be able to input contact information. First Name and Last Name are the only required fields. 


4) If you'd like to add the contact to a pipeline, click inside the Requisitions field to view all existing Requisitions. 






5) Click "Create Contact" to create the account and add them to your account.





Duplicate Checker

We will automatically check for possible duplicates as you enter the contact's information. We will check for duplicates using the following fields: Last name and NMLS ID. 









It's important to note that we try our best to match duplicates but we aren't always perfect! To ensure we made the right selection you can click the on the name displayed inside the Duplicate Checker to take a closer look. If it's not a duplicate you can click the "Hide" or "Don't show me this again" options to ignore the warning and continue creating the contact. 

Mobile Phone Checker

We will also check to see if a phone number you've entered is a cell phone or mobile phone number. You'll want to add a phone number as you typically would. Click the "Add Phone" button in the "Phone Number" section.




If the phone number entered is a mobile phone number, we will make you aware and update the Phone Number Label