To-Do's allow you to stay on top of follow-ups, meetings, calls, emails, and more. 

Create a simple To-Do on a contact within seconds.

From the Requisition

1) Click on the Contact you wish to create a "to do" for. 

2) Select "To Do"

3) Click the "+" sign





4) Select "Create To-Do" or "Create Meeting"








Creating a Reminder or To-Do

Give the item a Title, Date, and Description.  Under "More Options", you can assign the "To-Do" to single or multiple team members. 

Note: "To Do's" are a great way to keep up to date on everyday tasks such as follow-ups, data checks, or touches. While they have a due date they are not due at a specific time of the day like a Meeting or Call.  

Click "Add To-Do" in the bottom right-hand corner













Creating a Meeting

Select "Create Meeting" 

Fill in the applicable information such as title, time, meeting number, and location while ensuring the intended requisition and contact are selected. You can assign the meeting to a single or multiple team members. 


Select "Create Meeting". You'll be able to view To-Do's by clicking on the "Activities" icon in the menu bar or by clicking "To-Do's" on Requisition profiles.