We've made it easier to export contacts from your account for use in other systems you may be using - like a marketing system. 

You can export your entire contact list or select small groups to export. 


Exporting all contacts 

1) Click the Settings icon in the menu panel



2) Click "Marketing Export"



*Heads-up: If your list is contacts less than 1000 contacts we will download right in your browser. If you're list is larger, we will generate the .csv and send an email to the email address in your notification settings.

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Exporting Groups of Contacts

You can also export single contacts or groups of contacts at a time. This is an easy way to pull newly added contacts, contacts that share a common characteristic like City or State. 

1) Click the Contacts icon in the menu panel 



2) Click "Select" in the upper right corner of the contacts table 



3) Use the checkbox to select the contacts 










4) Click "Export"