What is required?

1. An active Model Match account

2. Chrome Browser installed and up-to-date. If you don't have Chrome installed, you can download Chrome here.


Request Access to Beta

The Model Match Sourcing extension is currently in an invite-only Beta. You can request access to the Beta here

Once access has been approved, follow the steps to install the Chrome Extension.


Download the Extension

1. Once you've been added to the Beta, you'll receive an email that contains a download link. 

2. Click the button inside of the invite email to access the extension page in the Chrome Web Store. 

3. Click the  "Add to Chrome" button to install the extension.


Once installed, you'll find the extension under the "Extension" menu in your Chrome Browser. We recommend pinning the extension so it's always visible in your navigation bar.


How to source opportunities

The extension works on LinkedIn only.

1. Navigate to LinkedIn and log in. 

2. Open the extension in your browser from the extension menu. We recommend pinning the extension so that it's always visible in your navigation bar. You can read more about how to pin extensions here








3. Launch the extension and login to your Model Match account when prompted to do so. 











4. Once you've successfully logged in you'll see an "Add to Pipeline" button appear on every LinkedIn profile you view while the extension is running. 









5. To source a contact, click the "Add To Pipeline" button. Model Match will populate all available fields in the extension on the right hand side of your screen. 



Model Match will populate the following fields automatically: 

  • Name (First and Last Name)
  • Company Name
  • Title 
  • Phone Number (if available)
  • Email Address (if available)
  • Linkedin URL

You can modify any of these fields if you need to make necessary changes. 

6. Select a Requisition that you want to add the contact to. You can also Tag and Assign the contact to yourself or another team member. 

7. Click "Add to Pipeline" on the extension to add the contact to the selected Requisition. 






Duplicate Checking

Model Match will check for duplicates prior to adding the contact to a Requisition. If a possible duplicate is located we will display a "Duplicate" indicator on the extension. 










1. To verify if the contact is a duplicate, click the indicator

































If the contact is a duplicate, you can click the "Go Back" button to clear the fields. If the contact is not a duplicate, click the "Not a Duplicate" button.