Connecting your Total Expert account

1. Log in to Model Match

2. Click "Settings

3. Click "Integrations"


4. Click "Total Expert" to access the Total Expert Integration page.


5. Let's click "Authorize" to connect Total Expert to our Model Match account. You will be redirected to the Total Expert login page. 


6. Log in to your Total Expert account and provide the appropriate access. Click "Grant Access" when you're ready.

We recommend leaving all options selected. 

When you've successfully connected Total Expert to Model Match, you'll notice that the connect option is now showing that you're connected.


You're all set! You can now start adding contacts to your Total Expert account from Model Match!

Great! Now what?

You can now start sending contacts to your Total Expert. We recommend learning more here.


How do I disconnect Total Expert from Model Match?

To disconnect your Total Expert account from Model Match, click the "Disconnect" button to log out.