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How do I search by State?

1. Click the "Select States" button at the top of map. 




You'll see State Lines appear on top of the map. To select a State, click on the State to highlight it. You can select a single state or multiple states. When you've made your selections, click "Run State Search" at the bottom of the map.

You can search for Individuals, Companies or Branches within States - simply toggle the appropriate search method using the buttons at the top.



2. You'll see the results of your search populate on the left side of the map. To view the volume report of an individual simply click on the person from the list of results or click the "..." icon and click "View Details".




Each search method (Branches, Companies and Individuals) includes Filters that allow you to filter down your results and narrow your view to contacts that match the criteria you're looking for. To access Filters, click on the "All Filters" button at the top of the results table on the left side.


















You can also use the "Quick Filters" at the top of the results table to quickly sort your results or sort them by a variety of metrics. Each search method contains their own Quick Filters.