How do I search for Companies?

You are able to search for all companies within an area. Model Match will display all companies where their main location address is located within your search area. For instance, you may want to view all companies that have their main location located within 25 miles San Clemente, CA. 

1. Click the "Search for Companies" button at the top of map. 




2. In the "Near" search bar, type in the area you want to search i.e San Clemente, CA. You can also select a location from the "suggestion" dropdown or select "Current Location" to search the area where you are currently located.












3. You'll see the results of your search populate on the left side of the map. To view the Company Report simply click on the company from the list of results or click the "..." icon and click "View Details".



How can I view Branches of a Company from the results page?

You can view the Branches of Companies that appear in your search results by selecting a Company or Companies from the results page and selecting "View Branches".