How do I search for Individuals?

1. Click the "Search for Individuals" button at the top of map. 




2. In the "Near" search bar, type in the area you want to search i.e San Clemente, CA. You can also select a location from the "suggestion" dropdown or select "Current Location" to search the area where you are currently located.










3. You'll see the results of your search populate on the left side of the map. To view the volume report of an individual simply click on the person from the list of results or click the "..." icon and click "View Details".


How do I add contacts to a Requisition (Pipeline)?

1. You can add a single contact or multiple contacts from the results table by selecting the "checkbox" next to each name. You can also select the entire page or multiple pages to add groups of contacts.















2. In the "Add to Pipeline" popup select the Requisition you'd like to add your new contacts to. You can also Assign the contacts to a team member or yourself and add any appropriate tags.