You're able to add your existing contacts to Model Match in various ways such as adding contacts one-by-one (ouch) or via a .csv file that you may have exported from another provider. 

Import template (.csv)

This is a fantastic way to migrate contact data from another service to Model Match. You're able to import data into most available fields on a contact record - even personal details and notes. 

You'll find the Import Template for download here

We've included a row of data to showcase the formatting you'll need to follow for each column. 

Need help formatting your data? Our team can help! Reach out to your success manager or shoot us a note at

How to Import in bulk.

Navigate to the settings screen ( and click the "Import Contacts" button.

You're able to import two types of contacts - Company & Personal. Company contacts are contacts that will be available to your entire team while Personal contacts will only be available to you. You can share Personal contacts by adding them to a requisition that other team members are a part of.

Add single contact.

To add a new contact to your account click the "+" button in the menu panel and select "Contact".

Complete the form and click "Save". 

All contacts added this way are considered Personal contacts and will not be visible to other members of your team until they are added to a Requisition.