Meeting events can automatically be synced to your calendar whether you use Gmail or Outlook with a simple click. 


To create a meeting event, navigate to a contact and click the "+" button in the menu panel. 











Click the Meeting option. Model Match will automatically fill in the contact name and requisition (if viewing a contact from the Requisition view)

To add this event to your calendar click "Add to Calendar" 


















Once the meeting has been created a calendar event will be generated inviting yourself, any participants and your contact. Tip: The primary email address of each contact will be used. If one is not present, the secondary email address will be used. 

You can add multiple participants to bring in other members of your team, or add multiple contacts to facilitate a group meeting.

Now that you've created the meeting, Model Match will display the meeting title, meeting details and any information you've included in the meeting description inside the event description. If you need to make changes to the meeting, you can do so as just as you normally would with any calendar event.