Requisitions are a fantastic way to drive collaboration with your team. View contacts, notes, To-Do's and all history to drive efficiency and collaboration with your team but what if you're working outside of a Requisition? Public notes allow you to quickly add information to any contact and have that note shown to other users on your team who have access. 

*Heads up - The Note Type toggle is only available on Contact records outside of a Requisition. All notes left within a Requisition are shared with any user who has access to the Requisition.

Adding a Public Note



The Note Type toggle allows you to select whether the note you're about to leave a Public note or a Private Note. Public notes are indicated by a yellow outline in the text field. 

The toggle is set to Public by default. An indicator within the text field will make you aware who will have access to the note. All public notes will be visible to all team members who have access to the contact.


Private Notes

Private notes will only be visible to the user who adds to the note even if other team members have access to the contact. This is a great way to add small notes that you can reference in the future that don't necessarily need to be visible to everyone on the team - like a reminder to yourself.