How do I Add Or Remove Team Members to a Requisition?

Add Team Members to Requisitions to share access and collaborate on pipelines!

Increase collaboration with your team and share Requisitions with team members.

Requisitions are perfect for organizing your contacts and creating individual pipelines to track and collaborate with your team. You can add team members to Requisitions when you create them or after the fact to existing requisitions. 

1) Select the requisition you would like to add a team member to.

2) Click "Team" on the Requisition Profile

3) Click add "User to Team"

4) In the text box, select the user you would like to add and click "Save"

5) You should now see the newly added team member.

How to Remove a team member from a Requisition

Note: In order to remove a team member from a Requisition you must be the Owner of that Requisition. 

To remove a team member from a Requisition follow the three steps below:

1. Open the Requisition that you want to remove a team member from

2. Click the "Team" tab to view all team members who are assigned to the Requisition.

3. Click the "Delete" icon next to the team member you want to remove. Confirm that you want to delete them. The team member will no longer have access to the Requisition and will no longer have it displayed on their dashboard.