How do I Assign Contacts to a Requisition?

Add groups of contacts to a single requisition

Assign Contacts to a Requisition

Adding multiple contacts to a requisition is a quick and easy way to manage new imports or build a pipeline for a new effort. 

1) Navigate to the "Contacts" screen by clicking the contacts icon in the menu bar

2) Click the checkbox next to the name(s) the contacts you want to add to a Requisition.

3) Once you have selected the contacts you'd like to add to a Requisition click the "Add to Req" button at the top of table.

4) Use the dropdown menu to select the Requisition you want to add the contact(s) to. You can also type in a Requisition name to quickly select it.

Once selected, Click "Add to Req" and you're all set.

Move Contacts Between Requisitions

You can also add contacts to another Requisitions from a Requisition by using the "Add to Req" option when selecting a single or multiple contacts from your Requisition contact list. 

1) Open the Requisition that contains the contact(s) that you wish to move to another Requisition

2) Click the checkbox next to each contact you wish to move

3) Click the "Add to Req" button at the bottom of the contact list and select the Requisition you wish to move the contacts too.