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How do I connect my BombBomb account?

The Model Match + BombBomb Integration allows your team to personalize their outreach through video messaging.

Model Match provides your team with the ability to build healthier pipelines to help your teams become more organized and find new efficiencies. The Model Match + BombBomb Integration allows your team to personalize their outreach and engage with your prospects on a new level. 


You must have a BombBomb account. You may learn more about BombBomb here - https://bombbomb.com

The BombBomb integration is a two-step integration. Be sure to follow the instructions entirely to get the full experience of the integration. 


1. log in to Model Match and click the Settings icon in the menu bar. 


2. On the Settings page select Integrations and click BombBomb.


3. Click "Authorize". You'll be prompted to log on to your BombBomb account. 

4. Enter your BombBomb credentials. 

Once logged in, you'll be redirected back to Model Match. In order to access our Video Library, we will want to also enter our BombBomb API key on our Model Match account. 


5. Let's go grab your BombBomb API Key. In a separate tab in your browser, navigate to your BombBomb account and select "Integrations" located in the menu on the left. Click "Get Started" if prompted.


6. In the top right corner click the Copy button under "Your API Key". Almost done!




6. Back in Model Match paste the copied API key in the field titled "Your Legacy API Key" and click "Connect".


If successful you'll see "Disconnect" under BombBomb on the Integrations page.

Now you're fully authenticated! Click the BombBomb logo next to Contact names and start personalizing your engagements today!