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How do I Connect Bonzo to Model Match?


Pro-Tip: It is extremely important to keep your API Key safe. DO NOT email or share your API Key! 


odel Match's Bonzo Integration allows you to add contacts to your Bonzo campaigns and set automation rules to flow contacts between campaigns as they progress in the Model Match funnel. View when contacts are added to campaigns and when responses are received.

What's Needed

1. Model Match Account

2. Bonzo Account (any tier) (https://getbonzo.com)


Getting Started

To integrate with Bonzo you'll need two things

1. Your Bonzo API Key and

2. Your Bonzo Webhook Security Code


Getting your API Key

1. Log in to your Bonzo account and click "Settings" under your Name. 


2. Select "API" from the menu. 


3. Click "Create Token" and give your new token a name i.e "Model Match Integration". 


Be sure to check off each scope that is shown to ensure that you have the proper API permissions granted for your key.


Click "Create" to create your API Key,


Let's copy the API Key from Bonzo and navigate to our Model Match account in a new tab.

Back in Model Match

4. Click the "Settings" icon in the menu bar. 


5. Click "Integrations" and select Bonzo from the list. 



6. Paste your copied Token into the API key field and click "Save API Key". When the connection has been established  you'll now see a "Disconnect API Key" button.

Pro-Tip: It is extremely important to keep your API Key safe. DO NOT email or share your API Key! 

Creating your webhook and security code


Now that we have our API Key saved on Model Match, we need to generate a new webhook + security code back on our Bonzo account. 

1. Back on the Settings Page, click "Event Hooks"

2. Click "Create Hook

3. Enter the following URL - https://q3d1ouz5t3.execute-api.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/prod/webhooks/bonzo/events

Note: It is important to copy and paste the URL exactly as is. Be sure to remove any unwanted spaces before or after the URL if copied.

5. Select all available events. Be sure to copy your Security Code and click "Save"

Screenshot 2023-01-24 at 11.23.33 AM


Now that we have our new hook created, and have our security code copied, let's navigate back to Model Match. 


6. On the Bonzo Integration page in Model Match let's paste our Security Code in the Web Hook Code field and click "Save Code". 


That's it! Now our accounts are connected and ready to go! Continue reading to learn how you can start adding contacts to your Bonzo campaigns and set automation rules to move contacts to new campaigns as they progress through your Model Match funnel.

Add Contacts to Bonzo Campaigns (single)

The Model Match + Bonzo Integration allows you to add contacts to any Bonzo campaign from the contact record. You can add contacts using their email, phone number or both. 

1. Let's open a contact record inside of Model Match

2. If your Bonzo account has been successfully connected you'll find a new Bonzo logo next to the contact name. Let's click that button.



3. A popup will appear allowing you to select the following:

     3a. The Bonzo Campaign you want to add the contact to

     3b. Which phone number you'd like to add to the campaign

     3c. Which email address you'd like to add to the campaign

Once you've selected the campaign, phone number and email address click "Add to Bonzo Campaign"



Boom! The contact has now been added to the selected Bonzo campaign. 

Automated Workflow Options

Beyond adding contacts to Bonzo campaigns manually you are also able to set up automation rules to add contacts to select Bonzo campaigns when they progress through the Model Match funnel and change Stages.

1. Click the "Settings" icon in Model Match


2. Click "Integrations" and select Bonzo from the Integrations list.

3.  On the Bonzo Integration page you'll find a section called "Automated Workflow". 


To activate the feature you'll want to click the Toggle at the bottom to "Automation Enabled". 

You'll find each Bonzo campaign listed in the "Bonzo Campaigns" area and the Model Match stages above. You can drag and drop your Bonzo Campaigns to the appropriate Model Match Stage. When a contact enters that stage, they will be added to the Bonzo campaign selected. 

Note: Any contact that is currently in the stage will not automatically be added to the campaign. We recommend manually adding those contacts to the appropriate Bonzo campaign as described above. 

4. Click "Update Settings" to save your changes.