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How do I Connect my Gmail Account?

Connect your Gmail account to start sending outbound emails to contacts and schedule meetings on your Gmail Calendar.

Touching base with your contacts should be a simple, painless task and one that can be completed within a single location. Connect Gmail to Model Match to start sending emails to your contacts in a few simple clicks. 

1. Let's first open up our Settings so we can access our Email Settings. Click the icon in the menu bar inside your Model Match account. 


2. In your Settings menu, let's click "Integrations"


3. Since you haven't authenticated your account previously, you'll want to click the "Authorize" button. 



4. You'll be directed to a new page to log in to your Gmail account. You'll see below that I have an account that can be integrated. 

You'll want to log in to the email address you want to send emails from inside Model Match.



5. Boom! Once you've been authorized you'll be directed back to Model Match. To confirm the connection was successful, you'll now see an option to "De-Authorize" Gmail.