How to create your first Requisition

Learn how to create your first Requisition and start organizing candidates!

Requisitions are a fantastic way to segment and organize your pipeline in just a few clicks. They help you and your team stay focused by reducing clutter and focusing on the task at hand. 

You can use Requisitions to segment candidates based on virtually anything! Title, Company, Region, Market, Product - you get the hint. 

Creating a Requisition


1) To create your first requisition click the "+" in the menu panel and select "Create Requisition" from the list of options.



2) Give the Requisition a name and description

You can assign yourself as the Owner (recommended) or any other member of your team.

On the next line, you'll be able to Assign team members with whom you'll want to share this Requisition. 

Once the form has been completed click "Add".


Once you click the "Add" button we will create the new Requisition and add it to your pipeline.