How do I Obtain Updated or New Contact Information? (Enrichment Tool)

Source new or update existing contact information and always have up-to-date information for your prospects

Enrich a Contact

You can Enrich any contact on your account with a single click. Simply open a contact record and click the "enrich" (It looks like a lightning bolt) icon next to their name.  

In just a few short moments, Model Match will locate a match and display any new or updated contact information that was found.

*Pro-Tip: The more information you provide the higher likelihood you'll find a match. We recommend the following fields to obtain higher confidence in your results; First Name, Last Name, Company, City, State. It's also helpful to include a link to their LinkedIn profile as well. 

You're in control of the information you want to update. Simply click the green checkmark to Accept or Deny any of the provided fields. 

Now, just click the "Accept" button to automatically update your contact and click "Save".

and you've just Enriched your first contact!