How do I update the Stages of Multiple Contacts?

As the contact moves through the hiring process, so should their stage within the software. Changing the stage of multiple contacts at a time will help keep your contact lists up to date.

1. In order to assign multiple contacts, select a requisition that you would like to work within. Once the requisition is selected the contact list will populate. 

2. Select the contacts that you would like to move by either choosing them individually or by clicking the check box above your contact list. Regardless of the method chosen a new bar will populate at the bottom of the page. 

3. To update the stage of your selected contacts navigate to the bar at the bottom of your screen. Select the "Change Stage" button. Once selected the different stage options will appear. 

Once a new stage is chosen for the multiple contacts the icon color of the icon next to the contact name will change to reflect the newly selected stage.