How do I Use Query to Filter Contacts?

Query allows you to quickly stack filters to contact tables versus selecting individual filters one by one.

Query is perfect for advanced user's who want more control over how they filter contacts and want to be able to so faster without having to individually stack filters or add more complex statements.

How to Use Query

1. Let's open a contact table. Query is available on all contact tables and in this example we will be taking a look at a contact table inside of a Pipeline.

2. To access Query, let's click the "Search" button on the Search bar. 

3. By typing any key into the "Search" bar you can view all available fields that you can add to your Query. 

The following fields can be added to a Query statement. You can use "AND" and "OR" operators to stack filters. 

phone.number (use when filtering by a specific number or a part of a number)
phone.type (use when filtering by the type of number like "mobile" or "home")


Example Queries 

Let's say you want to find contacts inside of a Pipeline that contain a mobile phone number, within your city (San Clemente) and are with a certain company, ACME Mortgage. Clemente AND company:ACME Mortgage AND phones.type:mobile

You may find yourself wanting to locate every contact in a Pipeline that is at multiple companies you have in mind and that has a mobile phone number.

company:ACME Mortgage OR company:High Noon Mortgage OR company:Fast Fund Mortgage AND phone.type:mobile

You may want to view all contacts in a specific stage in a Pipeline that are NOT assigned to any user so you can quickly clean up your Pipeline and assigned those contacts to a team member. 

reqName:"Southern California" AND stage:"candidates" AND (-(_exists_:assignedUser))