How do I View the History of a Contact?

Model Match logs actions that take place on a contact record and stores them in the History table. In this guide we will show you how you can access and work with History items.

Main Contact History

If you're not familiar with Main Contacts versus Requisition contacts we recommend reading up on that here. Simply put, Main Contacts are records that exist at the top level and store all actions that have taken place "downstream" within pipelines the contact is assigned to. 

Let's take a look at how we can view overall history for a contact record.

1. Let's open a contact record from the main contact list. Click the "Contacts" icon on the menu bar.

When you first open the contact list we will display all Main Contact Records. These are contacts that exist on the account and may or not be assigned to a pipeline. 

2. Let's open any of the contacts from this list. Once you have a contact record opened, let's click the "History" tab on the record.

3. This will open the History table to display ALL history on the contact. Let's take a look at what that looks like.

You'll notice that we are able to view history items that are taking place at the main contact level - these items do not contain a "Requisition" name in the Requisition column AND items that are logged under Requisitions

Requisition Contact History

When viewing history on a contact within a Requisition or Pipeline, we will only show you the history items that are appropriate at this view. That said, you can also view all history at this level and we will show you how in the next few steps.

1. Let's open a pipeline and open a contact record. 

2. Let's click "History" on the contact record to view the history items. 


Pro-Tip: We can see that we are viewing the contact record within a pipeline because we can clearly see we can Stage this contact, we can assign them to another user and we can mark them as "Touched". Those actions are not available at the main contact level. 

3. After you've clicked "History" you'll notice that we are only displaying history items that were logged on this contact within the "Charlotte, NC" Requisition.

Viewing All History at the Requisition Contact Level

As we mentioned above even if you're viewing history items at the Requisition level you can still view history items for the contact across all pipelines the contact is assigned to and at the main level. 

1. Under the Requisition column let's click the dropdown and select "View All Activity

2. The table will reload and add items that were logged on this contact record but happened outside of the "Charlotte, NC" requisition. You can see those below.