The Complete Guide to PulseAI

PulseAI is your go-to strategic growth assistant, powered by a database of millions of transactions and data points. Unlock insights into existing relationships and forge new relationships with zero effort.

What's in this guide? 

  1. How do I access PulseAI?
  2. What are PulseAI tags?
  3. How do I filter Tags in PulseAI?
  4. Ready to share feedback? 

Accessing PulseAI

To access PulseAI, all you need to do is add your NMLS ID to your profile. Once you've done that, you'll be able to easily access PulseAI from the navigation menu bar. Additionally, you can add your NMLS ID to your account first time you open PulseAI. 


Add your NMLS ID in PulseAI (Recommended Method)

1. Log on to your Model Match account and click on the PulseAI icon from the navigation menu.  


2. Now enter your NMLS ID into the NMLS ID field and click "Save". 


That's it! You're all set. PulseAI will now load and begin analyzing your market.


Add your NMLS ID to your profile

1. Log on to your Model Match account and open your Settings.


2. Enter your NMLS ID into the NMLS ID field and click "Update my Account". 


You're all set! You can now access PulseAI by clicking the PulseAI icon from the navigation menu. 


💡 Pro-Tip: It may take a few moments for your account to be updated and your PulseAI dashboard to be generated. If you don't see your PulseAI report immediately after updating your NMLS ID, simply refresh Model Match.


PulseAI Tags

PulseAI tags provide a way for you to visualize and categorize the Real Estate Agents that are included on your dashboard. By using tags, you can easily organize and segment the agents based on characteristics. 

To access more information about each tag in your PulseAI dashboard, simply click on the tag itself. This will allow you to view additional details about the specific tag.

  • Direct Relationships  direct-relationship
    • This tag is applied to every Agent who has been listed as the Buyer Agent in any of your transactions within the past 24 months.
  • Indirect Relationships  indirect-relationship
    • This tag is assigned to every Real Estate Agent who has been listed as the Listing Agent in any of your transactions within the past 24 months.
  • Property Relationships property 
    • This tag indicates that you have previously been associated with a property that is currently listed, but you have not yet conducted any transactions with the Real Estate Agent involved.
  • Active Listings Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 8.43.23 PM 
    • This tag signifies that the Agent currently has properties listed for sale in your market.
  • High Volume Agent high-cash
    • This tag is assigned to Agents in your market who are recognized for their high level of activity and ability to generate a larger volume of business compared to others.
  • Low Cash Agent low-cash
    • This tag signifies that the Agent is engaged in a greater number of transactions that involve mortgages and has fewer cash deals.

Using Tags to filter PulseAI

You can filter Agents that appear on your PulseAI dashboard using the "Filter by Tags" options located at the top of the page. 

👋 You should know: Currently, you have the ability to filter agents based on the following tags: Direct Relationship, Indirect Relationship, and Active Listings. We are also working on adding more tag filters in the near future.

1. Simply click the Tag name to apply that filter to your results. 


💡 Did you know?  You can apply multiple tag filters simultaneously! It's really simple! Just apply a filter and then repeat the selection process for another filter. This allows you to narrow down the results even further and find exactly what you're looking for in PulseAI.

2. Once you have your filter(s) applied you can modify them.

As an example, to view all Real Estate Agents with whom you do not have a Direct Relationship, simply click on "Does Have a" and choose "Does not have a" from the applied filter. This will allow you to easily filter and identify agents that you have not yet established a direct connection with.


Have ideas and feedback you're looking to share? 

Our Product & Engineering teams review all feedback that we receive. This feedback is extremely valuable to us as it helps us gain a better understanding of what areas we should be prioritizing for improvements or new features. We appreciate your input and value your contribution to making our platform even better.

To share feedback with our team click the "Share Feedback" button that is shown on PulseAI and then click "Yes, I want to provide feedback."