Setting up Tags

Learn how to create Tags so that you & your team can organize contacts and easily filter contacts in Requisitions.

1. Tag Types
2. Creating Tags
3. Updating Tags
4. Deleting Tags


Tags are perfect for organizing contacts on your account. Using Tags you can generate lists of contacts which can be helpful when generating call lists, groups of contacts you or your team should be focused on, or even tracking teams that you may be recruiting. 

Tags are like labels. For instance, we may add a group of contacts to a Requisition and tag them as "Hot Priority". We can then use this tag inside of our contacts lists to filter down all contacts, including this group, that contains that tab or label.  

As an Admin, you are able to create Tags on your account that your team can get started using right away. 

Tag Types

There are two types of Tags that you are able to create on your account. 

Contact Tags and Requisition Tags.

For the most part, you'll be using Requisition Tags as these are tags that are specifically available and used on contacts that are assigned to Requisitions. 

Contact Tags are used on Main Contact profiles. These are contacts that are not assigned to Requisitions just yet. 


What is the Main Contact profile? This is when you're viewing a contact outside of a Requisition. Think of this view as the Top Level view where you're able to view all activity that has taken place on the contact across all Requisitions they may be assigned to.  


In this article, we will be focusing on creating "Requisition Tags" but the process for creating tags is very similar. 

Creating Tags

To start creating your account tags, let's head over to the Tags manager on our account. 

1. Log in to Model Match.

2. Click on the "Settings" icon in the menu bar. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 2-40-54 PM-png

3. Select "Tags Manager" in the list of Settings that we have available. 

4. Let's click the "+" icon next to "Requisition Tags" on the right side of the page.

5. A new entry will appear labeled "New Tag". Click inside the text field and type in your new tag. 


That's it! You and your team can now start using this tag on any contact inside of a Requisition!

Updating & Deleting Tags

You may also update tags on your account from the Tags Manager. 


When updating or deleting tags it's important to note that any contact that contains that tag will update with your changes or have the tag removed from their profile if the tag has been deleted. 


Update a Tag

1. To update a tag simply click inside the text field and make any changes that are required. Your updates are automatically saved. 


Delete a Tag

1. To delete a tag hover your mouse over the tag and click the "Delete" icon. 

2. When prompted, confirm that you wish to delete the tag from your account.